This page is completely deprecated. Do no follow.

The actual Macintosh package (skeleton) is stored in a git repository which we will checkout and use. We have to clone it to a very specific location in order to preserve the meta path locations stored in the .pmdoc/*.xlm files.

Checkout moose_compiler_package repository

cd /tmp
git clone

Build the Mavericks redistributable package

There are several operating system directories within moose_compiler_package directory. Choose the directory that fits your distribution.

export PACKAGES_DIR=/opt/moose
cd /tmp/moose_compiler_package/LION_PACKAGE

The script will rsync's everything into place based on environment variables set ($PACKAGES_DIR). Once rsync'd, the data is compressed as a tarball, and moved into position. This step can take a bit depending on hard drive speeds. The script will inform you when its done. At that point you may build the actual PKG:

/Applications/ --doc /tmp/moose_compiler_package/LION_PACKAGE.pmdoc

This step can also take a bit... The resulting file will be: lionpackage.pkg. Rename it to your hearts content and it will then be ready for distribution! Enjoy!

Sign the package

If your institution has an Apple Developer account capable of signing installer packages, the following command will sign that package:

productsign --sign "Your Institutions signature" lionpackage.pkg lion-environment.pkg