• Install latest OS X via a clean install. Then perform an update, until there are no remaining updates.
    • We really do mean a CLEAN install. If you are not careful, you will find other things you have downloaded in the past included into your package (things in your ~/Downloads). Not to mention any previous install of libraries via Home Brew, MacPorts etc, will taint your package. Requiring the package (and thus all of your intended end-users) to also need Home Brew, MacPorts as well.
  • Macintosh Pre-requisite software needed:

Open Safari preferences and un-check 'Open safe files after downloading' (The next set of instructions assumes you have done this!):

  1. Download software using Safari
  2. Install software
  3. Build the MOOSE Compiler Package

Following the above to completion, you should have a *.pkg available to redistribute.