The following pages are for those that wish to develop their own redistributable package. Possibly for use in an organization which must adhere strictly to one particular operating system. The goal here is to create the same redistributable package available on the Getting Started pages.

There are one of two ways in which you can produce a redistributable package. Through the use of our automated script or manually. The automated script method is what we use to generate the packages you see on our 'Getting Started' pages. It is the method we recommend first, simply due to the time it takes to build everything manually, one binary at a time.

So, choose your poison:

These are truly advanced and time consuming instructions. OS X in particular requires many third party libraries. Also, the following instructions are becoming dated (version of libraries differ from automated method). The package is now entirely being built using the above automated script method, whilst being continuously integrated [CI] via Civet: Package Builder