Replaced by RankFourTensor and ElasticityTensorTools.

To unify all rank four tensor use to one single class we are deprecating ElasticityTensorR4. Its four member methods were moved into the ElasticityTensorTools namespace.

Migration Instructions

To migrate from ElasticityTensorR4...

  1. Replace all ElasticityTensorR4 types with RankFourTensor
  2. Instead of including ElasticityTensorR4.h include both RankFourTensor.h and ElasticityTensorTools.h
  3. Replace calls to members of ElasticityTensorR4 with calls to teh namespace functions (like here)
return _Jacobian_mult[_qp].elasticJacobianwc(_component, coupled_component, _grad_test[_i][_qp], _phi[_j][_qp]);


return ElasticityTensorTools::elasticJacobianWC(_Jacobian_mult[_qp], _component, coupled_component, _grad_test[_i][_qp], _phi[_j][_qp]);

Note how the tensor becomes the first argument of the function call. The .elasticJacobianwc and .momentJacobianwc were slightly renamed to ElasticityTensorTools::elasticJacobianWC and ElasticityTensorTools::momentJacobianWC (with capitalized WC!)