Phase field results produced using the MOOSE Phase Field Module

Atomistic input file generated using the SolutionRasterizer.

The MOOSE phase field module is a library for simplifying the implementation of simulation tools that employ the phase field model. Multiphysics capability that includes mechanics and heat conduction can be obtained by employing the tensor mechanics and heat conduction modules. More information about this module is found below:

Getting Started

Basic Phase Field Model Information

Multiple Phase Models

MOOSE provides capabilities that enable the easy development of multiphase field model. A free energy expression has to be provided for each individual phase. Different systems exist to combine those phase free energies into a global free energy.

Multiphysics Coupling

Phase field sub-systems


Grain Growth

Initial Conditions

  • Initial Conditions - Basic phase field initial conditions
  • Image Reader - Reconstructing initial conditions from images (SEM, optical, etc.)
  • EBSD Reader - Reconstructing initial conditions from EBSD and EDS data