Steps for Blue Waters

1. Connect to Blue Waters

ssh -Y -l USERNAME

Note: Make sure to replace USERNAME with your username!

Input your password at the prompt and hit Enter

2. Queue up an interactive job:

qsub -X -I -l nodes=2:ppn=32:xe -l walltime=09:00:00

Then wait for it to go through.

3. Setup your environment

source /scratch/training/instr050/moose_environment

4. Clone MOOSE

mkdir projects
cd projects
git clone

5. Compile the first tutorial step

cd moose/tutorials/darcy_thermo_mech/step1_diffusion
make -j 8

This will take about 30 minutes. All of the subsequent steps should be much faster.

6. Run the first step

cd problems
aprun -n 1 ../darcy_thermo_mech-opt -i step1.i