Problem Overview

Consider a system containing two pressure vessels at differing temperatures. The vessels are connected via a pipe that contains a filter consisting of close-packed steel spheres. Predict the velocity and temperature of the fluid inside the filter.

Schematic of Darcy Flow Problem

This problem mimics an experimental setup of Pamuk and Ozdemir (2012).

Pamuk and Ozdemir, "Friction factor, permeability, and inertial coefficient of oscillating flow through porous media of packed balls", Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, v. 38, pp. 134-139, 2012.

Governing Equations

A complete discussion of the governing equations is provided here: Governing Equations

Tutorial Steps

Step 1: Geometry and Diffusion

Step 2: Pressure Kernel

Step 3: Using Materials

Step 4: Velocity Aux

Step 5: Heat Conduction

Step 6: Darcy and HeatConduction Coupling

Step 7: Mesh Adaptivity

Step 8: Postprocessors

Step 9: Mechanics

Step 10: MultiApps