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MOOSE: Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment

  • A framework for solving computational engineering problems in a well-planned, managed, and coordinated way

  • Designed to significantly reduce the expense and time required to develop new applications

    • Maximize Science/$
    • Designed to be easily extended and maintained
    • Efficient on both a few and many processors
    • Provides an object-oriented, pluggable system for defining all aspects of a simulation tool.




  • 1D, 2D and 3D
    • User code agnostic of dimension
  • Finite Element Based
    • Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin (and Petrov Galerkin)
  • Fully Coupled, Fully Implicit
  • Unstructured Mesh
    • All shapes (Quads, Tris, Hexes, Tets, Pyramids, Wedges, ...)
    • Higher order geometry (curvilinear, etc.)
    • Reads and writes multiple formats
  • Mesh Adaptivity
  • Parallel
    • User code agnostic of parallelism
  • High Order
    • User code agnostic of shape functions
    • p-Adaptivity
  • Built-in Postprocessing
  • And much more ...

Code Platform

  • Uses well-established libraries
  • Implements robust and state-of-the-art solution methods


Solves Problems that Challenges Others

Strong Coupling: better agreement between MOOSE and reference

Weak Coupling: excellent agreement between MOOSE and operator-split

Profile of A concentration at 4480 sec.



Profile of C concentration at 4480 sec.



Rapid Development

Application Physics Results Lines
BISON Thermo-mechanics, Chemical, diffusion, coupled mesoscale 4 mo. 3,000
PRONGHORN Neutronics, Porous flow, eigenvalue MARMOT 4th order phasefield mesoscale 3 mo. 7,000
MARMOT 4-th order phase-field meso-scale 1 mo. 6,000
RAT Porous ReActive Transport 1 mo. 1,500
FALCON Geo-mechanics, coupled mesoscale 3 mo. 3,000
MAMBA Chemical reactions, prescipitation, and porous flow 5 wks. 2,500
HYRAX Phase-field, ZrH precipitation 3 mo. 1,000
PIKA Multi-scale heat and mass transfer with phase-change 3 mo. 2,900

MOOSE Application Architecture


MOOSE Code Example


MOOSE Software Quality Practices

  • MOOSE follows an NQA-1 (Nuclear Quality Assurance Level 1) development process.
  • All commits to MOOSE undergo review using GitHub Pull Requests and must pass a set of application regression tests before they are available to our users.
  • All changes must be accompanied by issue numbers and assessed an appropriate risk level.
  • We maintain a regression test code coverage level of 80% or better at all times.
  • We follow strict code style and formatting guidelines (wiki/CodeStandards).
  • We process code comments with third-party tools to generate documentation.