• [MeshModifiers] further modify the mesh after it has been created.
  • Possible modifications include: adding node sets, translating, rotating, and scaling the mesh points.
  • Users can create their own MeshModifiers by inheriting from MeshModifier and defining a custom modify() method.
  • A few built-ins:
    • AddExtraNodeset
    • SideSetFromNormals and SideSetFromPoints
    • Transform (Scale, Rotate, Translate)
    • MeshExtruder


  • type = MeshExtruder
  • Takes a 1D or 2D mesh and extrudes it to 2D or 3D, respectively.
  • Triangles are extruded to prisms (wedges).
  • Quadrilaterals are extruded to hexahedra.
  • Sidesets are extruded and preserved.
  • Newly-created top and bottom sidesets can be named by the user.
  • The extrusion vector's direction and length must be specified.

Extruded Mesh result from MAMBA courtesy of Michael Short.