Note: All code shared within a MOOSE module will be made publicly available. Please do not publish any code or information that is export controlled or proprietary in nature.

1. Clone the Stork repo

git clone

2. Choose a new module name

Please choose a name that is descriptive and represents your physics. Use all lower case letters and separate words with underscores.

3. Run the script.

Note: You must supply the base location of the MOOSE directory. Your new module will be created inside of the $MOOSE_DIR/modules/ directory.

cd stork
./ <new module name> <MOOSE_DIR>

4. Register your new module

Edit inside of the ModuleApp.C and the files. Instructions for registering your module are contained within each of these files.

5. Commit and push

Commit your changes, push to Github, and put in a pull request.