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ZeroInterface Class Reference

Interface to bring zero values inside objects. More...

#include <ZeroInterface.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ZeroInterface (const InputParameters &parameters)

Protected Attributes

THREAD_ID _zi_tid
const Real & _real_zero
const VariableValue_zero
const VariableGradient_grad_zero
const VariableSecond_second_zero
const VariablePhiSecond_second_phi_zero

Detailed Description

Interface to bring zero values inside objects.

It brings the following kind of zeroes:

Definition at line 35 of file ZeroInterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ZeroInterface::ZeroInterface ( const InputParameters parameters)

Definition at line 18 of file ZeroInterface.C.

19  : _zi_feproblem(*parameters.get<FEProblemBase *>("_fe_problem_base")),
20  _zi_tid(parameters.get<THREAD_ID>("_tid")),
26 {
27 }
const VariableGradient & _grad_zero
Definition: ZeroInterface.h:45
std::vector< VariableSecond > _second_zero
Specialization of SubProblem for solving nonlinear equations plus auxiliary equations.
const VariableSecond & _second_zero
Definition: ZeroInterface.h:46
const VariablePhiSecond & _second_phi_zero
Definition: ZeroInterface.h:47
THREAD_ID _zi_tid
Definition: ZeroInterface.h:42
std::vector< VariablePhiSecond > _second_phi_zero
const Real & _real_zero
Definition: ZeroInterface.h:43
std::vector< VariableGradient > _grad_zero
std::vector< VariableValue > _zero
const VariableValue & _zero
Definition: ZeroInterface.h:44
unsigned int THREAD_ID
Definition: MooseTypes.h:79
FEProblemBase & _zi_feproblem
Definition: ZeroInterface.h:41
std::vector< Real > _real_zero
Convenience zeros.

Member Data Documentation

const VariableGradient& ZeroInterface::_grad_zero

Definition at line 45 of file ZeroInterface.h.

const Real& ZeroInterface::_real_zero

Definition at line 43 of file ZeroInterface.h.

const VariablePhiSecond& ZeroInterface::_second_phi_zero

Definition at line 47 of file ZeroInterface.h.

const VariableSecond& ZeroInterface::_second_zero

Definition at line 46 of file ZeroInterface.h.

const VariableValue& ZeroInterface::_zero

Definition at line 44 of file ZeroInterface.h.

FEProblemBase& ZeroInterface::_zi_feproblem

Definition at line 41 of file ZeroInterface.h.

THREAD_ID ZeroInterface::_zi_tid

Definition at line 42 of file ZeroInterface.h.

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