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class  TiledMesh


InputParameters validParams< TiledMesh > ()

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Definition at line 25 of file TiledMesh.C.

26 {
28  params.addRequiredParam<MeshFileName>("file", "The name of the mesh file to read");
30  params.addParam<Real>("x_width", 0, "The tile width in the x direction");
31  params.addParam<Real>("y_width", 0, "The tile width in the y direction");
32  params.addParam<Real>("z_width", 0, "The tile width in the z direction");
34  // x boundary names
35  params.addParam<BoundaryName>("left_boundary", "left_boundary", "name of the left (x) boundary");
36  params.addParam<BoundaryName>(
37  "right_boundary", "right_boundary", "name of the right (x) boundary");
39  // y boundary names
40  params.addParam<BoundaryName>("top_boundary", "top_boundary", "name of the top (y) boundary");
41  params.addParam<BoundaryName>(
42  "bottom_boundary", "bottom_boundary", "name of the bottom (y) boundary");
44  // z boundary names
45  params.addParam<BoundaryName>(
46  "front_boundary", "front_boundary", "name of the front (z) boundary");
47  params.addParam<BoundaryName>("back_boundary", "back_boundary", "name of the back (z) boundary");
49  // The number of tiles is 1 in each direction unless otherwise specified.
50  // An x_tiles value of 1 means do not stitch any extra meshes together in
51  // the x-direction.
52  params.addParam<unsigned int>(
53  "x_tiles", 1, "Number of tiles to stitch together (left to right) in the x-direction");
54  params.addParam<unsigned int>(
55  "y_tiles", 1, "Number of tiles to stitch together (top to bottom) in the y-direction");
56  params.addParam<unsigned int>(
57  "z_tiles", 1, "Number of tiles to stitch together (front to back) in the z-direction");
59  params.addClassDescription("Use the supplied mesh and create a tiled grid by repeating this mesh "
60  "in the x,y, and z directions.");
62  return params;
63 }
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