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class  TableOutput
 Base class for scalar variables and postprocessors output objects. More...


InputParameters validParams< TableOutput > ()

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Definition at line 32 of file TableOutput.C.

Referenced by validParams< Console >(), validParams< CSV >(), and validParams< Gnuplot >().

33 {
34  // Fit mode selection Enum
37  // Base class parameters
39  params += AdvancedOutput::enableOutputTypes("postprocessor scalar vector_postprocessor");
41  // Option for writing vector_postprocessor time file
42  params.addParam<bool>("time_data",
43  false,
44  "When true and VecptorPostprocessor data exists, write "
45  "a csv file containing the timestep and time "
46  "information.");
48  // Add option for appending file on restart
49  params.addParam<bool>("append_restart", false, "Append existing file on restart");
51  params.addParam<bool>(
52  "time_column",
53  true,
54  "Whether or not the 'time' column should be written for Postprocessor CSV files");
56  return params;
57 }
The main MOOSE class responsible for handling user-defined parameters in almost every MOOSE system...
InputParameters validParams< AdvancedOutput >()
static MooseEnum getWidthModes()
This is a "smart" enum class intended to replace many of the shortcomings in the C++ enum type It sho...
Definition: MooseEnum.h:37
static InputParameters enableOutputTypes(const std::string &names=std::string())
A method for enabling individual output type control.