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int Moose::sideIntersectedByLine (const Elem *elem, std::vector< int > &not_side, const LineSegment &line_segment, Point &intersection_point)
 Figure out which (if any) side of an Elem is intersected by a line. More...
int Moose::sideNeighborIsOn (const Elem *elem, const Elem *neighbor)
 Returns the side number for elem that neighbor is on. More...
void Moose::recursivelyFindElementsIntersectedByLine (const LineSegment &line_segment, const Elem *current_elem, int incoming_side, const Point &incoming_point, std::vector< Elem * > &intersected_elems, std::vector< LineSegment > &segments)
 Recursively find all elements intersected by a line segment. More...
void Moose::elementsIntersectedByLine (const Point &p0, const Point &p1, const MeshBase &mesh, const PointLocatorBase &point_locator, std::vector< Elem * > &intersected_elems, std::vector< LineSegment > &segments)
 Find all of the elements intersected by a line. More...