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PetscSupport.C File Reference

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std::string Moose::PetscSupport::stringify (const LineSearchType &t)
std::string Moose::PetscSupport::stringify (const MffdType &t)
void Moose::PetscSupport::setSolverOptions (SolverParams &solver_params)
void Moose::PetscSupport::petscSetupDM (NonlinearSystemBase &nl)
void Moose::PetscSupport::addPetscOptionsFromCommandline ()
void Moose::PetscSupport::petscSetOptions (FEProblemBase &problem)
 A function for setting the PETSc options in PETSc from the options supplied to MOOSE. More...
PetscErrorCode Moose::PetscSupport::petscSetupOutput (CommandLine *cmd_line)
PetscErrorCode Moose::PetscSupport::petscConverged (KSP ksp, PetscInt n, PetscReal rnorm, KSPConvergedReason *reason, void *ctx)
PetscErrorCode Moose::PetscSupport::petscNonlinearConverged (SNES snes, PetscInt it, PetscReal xnorm, PetscReal snorm, PetscReal fnorm, SNESConvergedReason *reason, void *ctx)
PCSide Moose::PetscSupport::getPetscPCSide (Moose::PCSideType pcs)
KSPNormType Moose::PetscSupport::getPetscKSPNormType (Moose::MooseKSPNormType kspnorm)
void Moose::PetscSupport::petscSetDefaultKSPNormType (FEProblemBase &problem)
void Moose::PetscSupport::petscSetDefaultPCSide (FEProblemBase &problem)
void Moose::PetscSupport::petscSetDefaults (FEProblemBase &problem)
 Sets the default options for PETSc. More...
void Moose::PetscSupport::storePetscOptions (FEProblemBase &fe_problem, const InputParameters &params)
 Stores the PETSc options supplied from the InputParameters with MOOSE. More...
InputParameters Moose::PetscSupport::getPetscValidParams ()
 Returns the PETSc options that are common between Executioners and Preconditioners. More...
MultiMooseEnum Moose::PetscSupport::getCommonPetscFlags ()
 A helper function to produce a MultiMooseEnum with commonly used PETSc single options (flags) More...
MultiMooseEnum Moose::PetscSupport::getCommonPetscKeys ()
 A helper function to produce a MultiMooseEnum with commonly used PETSc iname options (keys in key-value pairs) More...
void Moose::PetscSupport::setSinglePetscOption (const std::string &name, const std::string &value="")
 A wrapper function for dealing with different versions of PetscOptionsSetValue. More...
void Moose::PetscSupport::colorAdjacencyMatrix (PetscScalar *adjacency_matrix, unsigned int size, unsigned int colors, std::vector< unsigned int > &vertex_colors, const char *coloring_algorithm)
 This method takes an adjacency matrix, and a desired number of colors and applies a graph coloring algorithm to produce a coloring. More...