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NodalNormalsEvaluator.C File Reference

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InputParameters validParams< NodalNormalsEvaluator > ()


Threads::spin_mutex nodal_normals_evaluator_mutex

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Definition at line 25 of file NodalNormalsEvaluator.C.

26 {
28  params.set<bool>("_dual_restrictable") = true;
29  params.set<std::vector<SubdomainName>>("block") = {"ANY_BLOCK_ID"};
30  return params;
31 }
T & set(const std::string &name, bool quiet_mode=false)
Returns a writable reference to the named parameters.
The main MOOSE class responsible for handling user-defined parameters in almost every MOOSE system...
InputParameters validParams< NodalUserObject >()

Variable Documentation

Threads::spin_mutex nodal_normals_evaluator_mutex

Definition at line 21 of file NodalNormalsEvaluator.C.

Referenced by NodalNormalsEvaluator::execute().