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Moose.C File Reference

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void Moose::registerObjects (Factory &factory)
 Register objects that are in MOOSE. More...
void Moose::addActionTypes (Syntax &syntax)
void Moose::registerActions (Syntax &syntax, ActionFactory &action_factory)
 Multiple Action class can be associated with a single input file section, in which case all associated Actions will be created and "acted" on when the associated input file section is seen.b * Example: "setup_mesh" <-----——> SetupMeshAction <---—— \ [Mesh] / "setup_mesh_complete" <—> SetupMeshCompleteAction <-. More...
void Moose::setSolverDefaults (FEProblemBase &problem)
MPI_Comm Moose::swapLibMeshComm (MPI_Comm new_comm)
 Swap the libMesh MPI communicator out for ours. More...
void Moose::enableFPE (bool on=true)
bool Moose::colorConsole ()
 Returns whether Console coloring is turned on (default: true). More...
bool Moose::setColorConsole (bool use_color, bool force=false)
 Turns color escape sequences on/off for info written to stdout. More...


static bool Moose::registered = false
static bool Moose::_color_console = isatty(fileno(stdout))