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MemoryUsage.h File Reference

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class  MemoryUsage
 Output maximum, average, or total process memory usage. More...


InputParameters validParams< MemoryUsage > ()

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Definition at line 29 of file MemoryUsage.C.

30 {
32  params.addClassDescription("Memory usage statistics for the running simulation.");
33  MooseEnum mem_type("virtual_memory physical_memory page_faults", "virtual_memory");
34  params.addParam<MooseEnum>("mem_type", mem_type, "Memory metric to report.");
35  MooseEnum value_type("total average max_process min_processs", "total");
36  params.addParam<MooseEnum>(
37  "value_type", value_type, "Aggregation method to apply to the requested memory metric.");
38  params.addParam<bool>("report_peak_value",
39  true,
40  "If the postprocessor is executed more than one "
41  "during a time step, report the aggregated peak "
42  "value.");
43  return params;
44 }
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void addClassDescription(const std::string &doc_string)
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void addParam(const std::string &name, const S &value, const std::string &doc_string)
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