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class  Material
 Materials compute MaterialProperties. More...


InputParameters validParams< Material > ()

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Definition at line 27 of file Material.C.

Referenced by validParams< GenericConstantMaterial >(), validParams< GenericConstantRankTwoTensor >(), validParams< GenericFunctionMaterial >(), and validParams< PiecewiseLinearInterpolationMaterial >().

28 {
33  params += validParams<RandomInterface>();
36  params.addParam<bool>("use_displaced_mesh",
37  false,
38  "Whether or not this object should use the "
39  "displaced mesh for computation. Note that "
40  "in the case this is true but no "
41  "displacements are provided in the Mesh block "
42  "the undisplaced mesh will still be used.");
43  params.addParam<bool>("compute",
44  true,
45  "When false, MOOSE will not call compute methods on this material. "
46  "The user must call computeProperties() after retrieving the Material "
47  "via MaterialPropertyInterface::getMaterial(). "
48  "Non-computed Materials are not sorted for dependencies.");
49  MooseEnum const_option("NONE=0 ELEMENT=1 SUBDOMAIN=2", "none");
50  params.addParam<MooseEnum>(
51  "constant_on",
52  const_option,
53  "When ELEMENT, MOOSE will only call computeQpProperties() for the 0th "
54  "quadrature point, and then copy that value to the other qps."
55  "When SUBDOMAIN, MOOSE will only call computeSubdomainProperties() for the 0th "
56  "quadrature point, and then copy that value to the other qps. Evaluations on element qps "
57  "will be skipped");
59  // Outputs
60  params += validParams<OutputInterface>();
61  params.set<std::vector<OutputName>>("outputs") = {"none"};
62  params.addParam<std::vector<std::string>>(
63  "output_properties",
64  "List of material properties, from this material, to output (outputs "
65  "must also be defined to an output type)");
67  params.addParamNamesToGroup("outputs output_properties", "Outputs");
68  params.addParamNamesToGroup("use_displaced_mesh constant_on", "Advanced");
69  params.registerBase("Material");
71  return params;
72 }
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