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InputParameters validParams< MaterialPropertyInterface > ()

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Definition at line 22 of file MaterialPropertyInterface.C.

Referenced by validParams< AuxKernel >(), validParams< DiracKernel >(), validParams< ElementDamper >(), validParams< ElementIndicator >(), validParams< ElementUserObject >(), validParams< GeneralUserObject >(), validParams< Indicator >(), validParams< IntegratedBC >(), validParams< KernelBase >(), validParams< Material >(), validParams< NodalDamper >(), validParams< QuadraturePointMarker >(), validParams< SideUserObject >(), and validParams< TwoMaterialPropertyInterface >().

23 {
26  "_material_data_type"); // optionally force the type of MaterialData to utilize
27  return params;
28 }
void addPrivateParam(const std::string &name, const T &value)
These method add a parameter to the InputParameters object which can be retrieved like any other para...
MaterialData types.
Definition: MooseTypes.h:129
The main MOOSE class responsible for handling user-defined parameters in almost every MOOSE system...
InputParameters emptyInputParameters()