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InputParameters validParams< IterationAdaptiveDT > ()

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Definition at line 24 of file IterationAdaptiveDT.C.

25 {
27  params.addClassDescription("Adjust the timestep based on the number of iterations");
28  params.addParam<int>("optimal_iterations",
29  "The target number of nonlinear iterations for adaptive timestepping");
30  params.addParam<int>("iteration_window",
31  "Attempt to grow/shrink timestep if the iteration count "
32  "is below/above 'optimal_iterations plus/minus "
33  "iteration_window' (default = optimal_iterations/5).");
34  params.addParam<unsigned>("linear_iteration_ratio",
35  "The ratio of linear to nonlinear iterations "
36  "to determine target linear iterations and "
37  "window for adaptive timestepping (default = "
38  "25)");
39  params.addParam<PostprocessorName>("postprocessor_dtlim",
40  "If specified, the postprocessor value "
41  "is used as an upper limit for the "
42  "current time step length");
43  params.addParam<FunctionName>("timestep_limiting_function",
44  "A 'Piecewise' type function used to control the timestep by "
45  "limiting the change in the function over a timestep");
46  params.addParam<Real>(
47  "max_function_change",
48  "The absolute value of the maximum change in timestep_limiting_function over a timestep");
49  params.addParam<bool>("force_step_every_function_point",
50  false,
51  "Forces the timestepper to take "
52  "a step that is consistent with "
53  "points defined in the function");
54  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("dt", "The default timestep size between solves");
55  params.addParam<std::vector<Real>>("time_t", "The values of t");
56  params.addParam<std::vector<Real>>("time_dt", "The values of dt");
57  params.addParam<Real>("growth_factor",
58  2.0,
59  "Factor to apply to timestep if easy convergence (if "
60  "'optimal_iterations' is specified) or if recovering "
61  "from failed solve");
62  params.addParam<Real>("cutback_factor",
63  0.5,
64  "Factor to apply to timestep if difficult "
65  "convergence (if 'optimal_iterations' is specified) "
66  "or if solution failed");
67  return params;
68 }
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