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InputParameters validParams< InversePowerMethod > ()

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Definition at line 19 of file InversePowerMethod.C.

20 {
22  params.addParam<PostprocessorName>(
23  "xdiff", "", "To evaluate |x-x_previous| for power iterations");
24  params.addParam<unsigned int>(
25  "max_power_iterations", 300, "The maximum number of power iterations");
26  params.addParam<unsigned int>("min_power_iterations", 1, "Minimum number of power iterations");
27  params.addParam<Real>("eig_check_tol", 1e-6, "Eigenvalue convergence tolerance");
28  params.addParam<Real>("sol_check_tol",
29  std::numeric_limits<Real>::max(),
30  "Convergence tolerance on |x-x_previous| when provided");
31  params.addParam<Real>("pfactor", 1e-2, "Reduce residual norm per power iteration by this factor");
32  params.addParam<bool>(
33  "Chebyshev_acceleration_on", true, "If Chebyshev acceleration is turned on");
34  params.addParam<Real>("k0", 1.0, "Initial guess of the eigenvalue");
35  return params;
36 }
InputParameters validParams< EigenExecutionerBase >()
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void addParam(const std::string &name, const S &value, const std::string &doc_string)
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