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InputParameters validParams< ImageSampler > ()

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Definition at line 24 of file ImageSampler.C.

Referenced by validParams< ImageFunction >(), and validParams< ImageSubdomain >().

25 {
26  // Define the general parameters
30  params.addParam<Point>("origin", "Origin of the image (defaults to mesh origin)");
31  params.addParam<Point>("dimensions",
32  "x,y,z dimensions of the image (defaults to mesh dimensions)");
33  params.addParam<unsigned int>(
34  "component",
35  "The image RGB-component to return, leaving this blank will result in a greyscale value "
36  "for the image to be created. The component number is zero based, i.e. 0 returns the first "
37  "(RED) component of the image.");
39  // Shift and Scale (application of these occurs prior to threshold)
40  params.addParam<double>("shift", 0, "Value to add to all pixels; occurs prior to scaling");
41  params.addParam<double>(
42  "scale", 1, "Multiplier to apply to all pixel values; occurs after shifting");
43  params.addParamNamesToGroup("shift scale", "Rescale");
45  // Threshold parameters
46  params.addParam<double>("threshold", "The threshold value");
47  params.addParam<double>(
48  "upper_value", 1, "The value to set for data greater than the threshold value");
49  params.addParam<double>(
50  "lower_value", 0, "The value to set for data less than the threshold value");
51  params.addParamNamesToGroup("threshold upper_value lower_value", "Threshold");
53  // Flip image
54  params.addParam<bool>("flip_x", false, "Flip the image along the x-axis");
55  params.addParam<bool>("flip_y", false, "Flip the image along the y-axis");
56  params.addParam<bool>("flip_z", false, "Flip the image along the z-axis");
57  params.addParamNamesToGroup("flip_x flip_y flip_z", "Flip");
59  return params;
60 }
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