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Factory.h File Reference

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class  Factory
 Generic factory class for build all sorts of objects. More...


using MooseObjectPtr = std::shared_ptr< MooseObject >
 alias to wrap shared pointer type More...
using paramsPtr) = InputParameters(*)(
 alias for validParams function More...
using buildPtr = MooseObjectPtr(*)(const InputParameters &parameters)
 alias for method to build objects More...
using registeredMooseObjectIterator = std::map< std::string, paramsPtr >::iterator
 alias for registered Object iterator More...


template<class T >
MooseObjectPtr buildObject (const InputParameters &parameters)
 Build an object of type T. More...

Typedef Documentation

using buildPtr = MooseObjectPtr (*)(const InputParameters & parameters)

alias for method to build objects

Definition at line 132 of file Factory.h.

using MooseObjectPtr = std::shared_ptr<MooseObject>

alias to wrap shared pointer type

Definition at line 122 of file Factory.h.

using paramsPtr = InputParameters (*)(

alias for validParams function

Definition at line 127 of file Factory.h.

using registeredMooseObjectIterator = std::map<std::string, paramsPtr>::iterator

alias for registered Object iterator

Definition at line 137 of file Factory.h.

Function Documentation

template<class T >
MooseObjectPtr buildObject ( const InputParameters parameters)

Build an object of type T.

Definition at line 144 of file Factory.h.

145 {
146  return MooseObjectPtr(new T(parameters));
147 }
std::shared_ptr< MooseObject > MooseObjectPtr
alias to wrap shared pointer type
Definition: Factory.h:122