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InputParameters validParams< Executioner > ()

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Definition at line 30 of file Executioner.C.

Referenced by validParams< EigenExecutionerBase >(), validParams< Steady >(), and validParams< Transient >().

31 {
33  params.addDeprecatedParam<FileNameNoExtension>(
34  "restart_file_base",
35  "",
36  "File base name used for restart",
37  "Please use \"Problem/restart_file_base\" instead");
39  params.registerBase("Executioner");
41  params.addParamNamesToGroup("restart_file_base", "Restart");
43  params.addParam<std::vector<std::string>>("splitting",
44  "Top-level splitting defining a "
45  "hierarchical decomposition into "
46  "subsystems to help the solver.");
48 // Default Solver Behavior
52  params.addParam<Real>("l_tol", 1.0e-5, "Linear Tolerance");
53  params.addParam<Real>("l_abs_step_tol", -1, "Linear Absolute Step Tolerance");
54  params.addParam<unsigned int>("l_max_its", 10000, "Max Linear Iterations");
55  params.addParam<unsigned int>("nl_max_its", 50, "Max Nonlinear Iterations");
56  params.addParam<unsigned int>("nl_max_funcs", 10000, "Max Nonlinear solver function evaluations");
57  params.addParam<Real>("nl_abs_tol", 1.0e-50, "Nonlinear Absolute Tolerance");
58  params.addParam<Real>("nl_rel_tol", 1.0e-8, "Nonlinear Relative Tolerance");
59  params.addParam<Real>("nl_abs_step_tol", 1.0e-50, "Nonlinear Absolute step Tolerance");
60  params.addParam<Real>("nl_rel_step_tol", 1.0e-50, "Nonlinear Relative step Tolerance");
61  params.addParam<bool>("no_fe_reinit", false, "Specifies whether or not to reinitialize FEs");
62  params.addParam<bool>("compute_initial_residual_before_preset_bcs",
63  false,
64  "Use the residual norm computed *before* PresetBCs are imposed in relative "
65  "convergence check");
67  params.addParamNamesToGroup("l_tol l_abs_step_tol l_max_its nl_max_its nl_max_funcs "
68  "nl_abs_tol nl_rel_tol nl_abs_step_tol nl_rel_step_tol "
69  "compute_initial_residual_before_preset_bcs",
70  "Solver");
71  params.addParamNamesToGroup("no_fe_reinit", "Advanced");
73  return params;
74 }
void addDeprecatedParam(const std::string &name, const T &value, const std::string &doc_string, const std::string &deprecation_message)
The main MOOSE class responsible for handling user-defined parameters in almost every MOOSE system...
void registerBase(const std::string &value)
This method must be called from every base "Moose System" to create linkage with the Action System...
InputParameters validParams< MooseObject >()
Definition: MooseObject.C:22
InputParameters getPetscValidParams()
Returns the PETSc options that are common between Executioners and Preconditioners.
Definition: PetscSupport.C:738
void addParam(const std::string &name, const S &value, const std::string &doc_string)
These methods add an option parameter and a documentation string to the InputParameters object...
void addParamNamesToGroup(const std::string &space_delim_names, const std::string group_name)
This method takes a space delimited list of parameter names and adds them to the specified group name...