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ElementH1SemiError.h File Reference

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class  ElementH1SemiError
 This postprocessor will print out the h1 seminorm between the computed solution and the passed function. More...


InputParameters validParams< ElementH1SemiError > ()

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Definition at line 20 of file ElementH1SemiError.C.

21 {
23  params.addRequiredParam<FunctionName>("function", "The analytic solution to compare against");
24  return params;
25 }
The main MOOSE class responsible for handling user-defined parameters in almost every MOOSE system...
void addRequiredParam(const std::string &name, const std::string &doc_string)
This method adds a parameter and documentation string to the InputParameters object that will be extr...
InputParameters validParams< ElementIntegralVariablePostprocessor >()