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DiffusionFluxAux.h File Reference

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class  DiffusionFluxAux
 Auxiliary kernel responsible for computing the components of the flux vector in diffusion problems. More...


InputParameters validParams< DiffusionFluxAux > ()

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Definition at line 18 of file DiffusionFluxAux.C.

19 {
21  MooseEnum component("x y z");
22  params.addClassDescription("Compute components of flux vector for diffusion problems "
23  "$(\\vv{J} = -D \\nabla C)$.");
24  params.addRequiredParam<MooseEnum>("component", component, "The desired component of flux.");
25  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("diffusion_variable", "The name of the variable");
26  params.addRequiredParam<MaterialPropertyName>(
27  "diffusivity",
28  "The name of the diffusivity material property that will be used in the flux computation.");
29  return params;
30 }
The main MOOSE class responsible for handling user-defined parameters in almost every MOOSE system...
void addRequiredParam(const std::string &name, const std::string &doc_string)
This method adds a parameter and documentation string to the InputParameters object that will be extr...
InputParameters validParams< AuxKernel >()
Definition: AuxKernel.C:30
This is a "smart" enum class intended to replace many of the shortcomings in the C++ enum type It sho...
Definition: MooseEnum.h:37
void addRequiredCoupledVar(const std::string &name, const std::string &doc_string)
This method adds a coupled variable name pair.
void addClassDescription(const std::string &doc_string)
This method adds a description of the class that will be displayed in the input file syntax dump...