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InputParameters validParams< Constraint > ()

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Definition at line 20 of file Constraint.C.

Referenced by validParams< ElemElemConstraint >(), validParams< FaceFaceConstraint >(), validParams< NodalConstraint >(), and validParams< NodeFaceConstraint >().

21 {
23  // Add the SetupInterface parameter, 'execute_on', default is 'linear'
24  params += validParams<SetupInterface>();
26  params.addRequiredParam<NonlinearVariableName>(
27  "variable", "The name of the variable that this constraint is applied to.");
28  params.addParam<bool>("use_displaced_mesh",
29  false,
30  "Whether or not this object should use the "
31  "displaced mesh for computation. Note that "
32  "in the case this is true but no "
33  "displacements are provided in the Mesh block "
34  "the undisplaced mesh will still be used.");
35  params.addParamNamesToGroup("use_displaced_mesh", "Advanced");
37  params.declareControllable("enable");
38  params.registerBase("Constraint");
40  return params;
41 }
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InputParameters validParams< SetupInterface >()
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