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InputParameters validParams< CSVReader > ()

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Definition at line 24 of file CSVReader.C.

25 {
27  params.addClassDescription(
28  "Converts columns of a CSV file into vectors of a VectorPostprocessor.");
29  params.addRequiredParam<FileName>("csv_file",
30  "The name of the CSV file to read. Currently, with "
31  "the exception of the header row, only numeric "
32  "values are supported.");
33  params.addParam<bool>("header",
34  "When true it is assumed that the first row contains column headers, these "
35  "headers are used as the VectorPostprocessor vector names. If false the "
36  "file is assumed to contain only numbers and the vectors are named "
37  "automatically based on the column number (e.g., 'column_0000', "
38  "'column_0001'). If not supplied the reader attempts to auto detect the "
39  "headers.");
40  params.addParam<std::string>("delimiter",
41  "The column delimiter. Despite the name this can read files "
42  "separated by delimiter other than a comma. If this options is "
43  "omitted it will read comma or space separated files.");
44  params.addParam<bool>(
45  "ignore_empty_lines", true, "When true new empty lines in the file are ignored.");
46  params.set<MultiMooseEnum>("execute_on") = "initial";
47  return params;
48 }
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