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PorousFlowPorosityConst Class Reference

Material to provide a constant value of porosity. More...

#include <PorousFlowPorosityConst.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PorousFlowPorosityConst (const InputParameters &parameters)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void initQpStatefulProperties () override
virtual void computeQpProperties () override

Protected Attributes

const VariableValue & _input_porosity
 Constant porosity. More...
MaterialProperty< Real > & _porosity
 computed porosity at the nodes or quadpoints More...
MaterialProperty< std::vector< Real > > & _dporosity_dvar
 d(porosity)/d(PorousFlow variable) More...
MaterialProperty< std::vector< RealGradient > > & _dporosity_dgradvar
 d(porosity)/d(grad PorousFlow variable) More...
const unsigned int _num_phases
 Number of phases. More...
const unsigned int _num_components
 Number of fluid components. More...
const unsigned int _num_var
 Number of PorousFlow variables. More...

Detailed Description

Material to provide a constant value of porosity.

This can be specified by either a constant value in the input file, or taken from an aux variable. Note: this material assumes that the porosity remains constant throughout a simulation, so the coupled aux variable porosity must also remain constant.

Definition at line 25 of file PorousFlowPorosityConst.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PorousFlowPorosityConst::PorousFlowPorosityConst ( const InputParameters &  parameters)

Definition at line 20 of file PorousFlowPorosityConst.C.

21  : PorousFlowPorosityBase(parameters), _input_porosity(coupledValue("porosity"))
22 {
23 }
PorousFlowPorosityBase(const InputParameters &parameters)
const VariableValue & _input_porosity
Constant porosity.

Member Function Documentation

void PorousFlowPorosityConst::computeQpProperties ( )

Definition at line 32 of file PorousFlowPorosityConst.C.

33 {
36  // The derivatives are zero for all time
37  _dporosity_dvar[_qp].assign(_num_var, 0.0);
38  _dporosity_dgradvar[_qp].assign(_num_var, RealGradient());
39 }
MaterialProperty< std::vector< Real > > & _dporosity_dvar
d(porosity)/d(PorousFlow variable)
MaterialProperty< std::vector< RealGradient > > & _dporosity_dgradvar
d(porosity)/d(grad PorousFlow variable)
const unsigned int _num_var
Number of PorousFlow variables.
virtual void initQpStatefulProperties() override
void PorousFlowPorosityConst::initQpStatefulProperties ( )

Definition at line 26 of file PorousFlowPorosityConst.C.

Referenced by computeQpProperties().

27 {
28  _porosity[_qp] = _input_porosity[_qp];
29 }
MaterialProperty< Real > & _porosity
computed porosity at the nodes or quadpoints
const VariableValue & _input_porosity
Constant porosity.

Member Data Documentation

MaterialProperty<std::vector<RealGradient> >& PorousFlowPorosityBase::_dporosity_dgradvar
MaterialProperty<std::vector<Real> >& PorousFlowPorosityBase::_dporosity_dvar
const VariableValue& PorousFlowPorosityConst::_input_porosity

Constant porosity.

Definition at line 35 of file PorousFlowPorosityConst.h.

Referenced by initQpStatefulProperties().

const unsigned int PorousFlowMaterialVectorBase::_num_components
const unsigned int PorousFlowMaterialVectorBase::_num_phases
const unsigned int PorousFlowMaterialVectorBase::_num_var
MaterialProperty<Real>& PorousFlowPorosityBase::_porosity

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