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LevelSetApp Class Reference

#include <LevelSetApp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LevelSetApp (InputParameters parameters)

Static Public Member Functions

static void registerApps ()
static void registerObjects (Factory &factory)
static void associateSyntax (Syntax &syntax, ActionFactory &action_factory)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file LevelSetApp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LevelSetApp::LevelSetApp ( InputParameters  parameters)

Definition at line 49 of file LevelSetApp.C.

49  : MooseApp(parameters)
50 {
51  srand(processor_id());
53  Moose::registerObjects(_factory);
56  Moose::associateSyntax(_syntax, _action_factory);
57  LevelSetApp::associateSyntax(_syntax, _action_factory);
58 }
static void registerObjects(Factory &factory)
Definition: LevelSetApp.C:67
static void associateSyntax(Syntax &syntax, ActionFactory &action_factory)
Definition: LevelSetApp.C:97

Member Function Documentation

void LevelSetApp::associateSyntax ( Syntax &  syntax,
ActionFactory &  action_factory 
void LevelSetApp::registerApps ( )

Definition at line 61 of file LevelSetApp.C.

62 {
63  registerApp(LevelSetApp);
64 }
void LevelSetApp::registerObjects ( Factory &  factory)

Definition at line 67 of file LevelSetApp.C.

Referenced by LevelSetApp(), LevelSetTestApp::LevelSetTestApp(), ModulesApp::registerObjects(), and CombinedApp::registerObjects().

68 {
69  // Kernels
70  registerKernel(LevelSetAdvection);
71  registerKernel(LevelSetAdvectionSUPG);
72  registerKernel(LevelSetTimeDerivativeSUPG);
73  registerKernel(LevelSetForcingFunctionSUPG);
74  registerKernel(LevelSetOlssonReinitialization);
76  // Functions
77  registerFunction(LevelSetOlssonBubble);
78  registerFunction(LevelSetOlssonVortex);
80  // Postprocessors
81  registerPostprocessor(LevelSetCFLCondition);
82  registerPostprocessor(LevelSetVolume);
83  registerPostprocessor(LevelSetOlssonTerminator);
85  // Problems
86  registerProblem(LevelSetProblem);
87  registerProblem(LevelSetReinitializationProblem);
89  // MultiApps
90  registerMultiApp(LevelSetReinitializationMultiApp);
92  // Transfers
93  registerTransfer(LevelSetMeshRefinementTransfer);
94 }
Implements the "bubble" function from Olsson and Kreiss (2005).
A Problem object to perform level set equation reinitialization implementation, mainly implementing a...
MultiApp that performs a time reset prior to solving, this enables the level set reinitialization to ...
SUPG stabilization term for a forcing function.
Computes the maximum timestep based on the CFL condition.
Terminates the solve based on the criteria defined in Olsson et.
Postprocessor to compute the area/volume inside and outside of a level set contour.
Implements the re-initialization equation proposed by Olsson et.
Defines a vortex velocity field in the x-y plane.
Copies the refinement marker from the master to the sub-application.
Applies SUPG stabilization to the time derivative.
SUPG stabilization for the advection portion of the level set equation.
Advection Kernel for the levelset equation.
Problem that defines a custom call to MultiAppTransfers to allow for adaptivity to be transferred fro...

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