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FluidPropertiesApp Class Reference

#include <FluidPropertiesApp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FluidPropertiesApp (InputParameters parameters)
virtual ~FluidPropertiesApp ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void registerApps ()
static void registerObjects (Factory &factory)
static void associateSyntax (Syntax &syntax, ActionFactory &action_factory)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file FluidPropertiesApp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FluidPropertiesApp::FluidPropertiesApp ( InputParameters  parameters)

Definition at line 43 of file FluidPropertiesApp.C.

43  : MooseApp(parameters)
44 {
45  Moose::registerObjects(_factory);
48  Moose::associateSyntax(_syntax, _action_factory);
49  FluidPropertiesApp::associateSyntax(_syntax, _action_factory);
50 }
static void registerObjects(Factory &factory)
static void associateSyntax(Syntax &syntax, ActionFactory &action_factory)
FluidPropertiesApp::~FluidPropertiesApp ( )

Definition at line 52 of file FluidPropertiesApp.C.

52 {}

Member Function Documentation

void FluidPropertiesApp::associateSyntax ( Syntax &  syntax,
ActionFactory &  action_factory 

Definition at line 105 of file FluidPropertiesApp.C.

Referenced by CombinedApp::associateSyntax(), ModulesApp::associateSyntax(), PorousFlowApp::associateSyntaxDepends(), NavierStokesApp::associateSyntaxDepends(), FluidPropertiesApp(), FluidPropertiesApp__associateSyntax(), and FluidPropertiesTestApp::FluidPropertiesTestApp().

106 {
107  registerSyntaxTask(
108  "AddFluidPropertiesAction", "Modules/FluidProperties/*", "add_fluid_properties");
110  registerMooseObjectTask("add_fluid_properties", FluidProperties, false);
112  syntax.addDependency("add_fluid_properties", "init_displaced_problem");
114  registerAction(AddFluidPropertiesAction, "add_fluid_properties");
115 }
void FluidPropertiesApp::registerApps ( )

Definition at line 62 of file FluidPropertiesApp.C.

Referenced by FluidPropertiesApp__registerApps().

63 {
64  registerApp(FluidPropertiesApp);
65 }
void FluidPropertiesApp::registerObjects ( Factory &  factory)

Definition at line 75 of file FluidPropertiesApp.C.

Referenced by FluidPropertiesApp(), FluidPropertiesApp__registerObjects(), FluidPropertiesTestApp::FluidPropertiesTestApp(), PorousFlowApp::registerObjectDepends(), NavierStokesApp::registerObjectDepends(), ModulesApp::registerObjects(), and CombinedApp::registerObjects().

76 {
77  registerMaterial(FluidPropertiesMaterial);
78  registerMaterial(FluidPropertiesMaterialPT);
81  registerUserObject(IdealGasFluidProperties);
82  registerUserObject(IdealGasFluidPropertiesPT);
83  registerUserObject(StiffenedGasFluidProperties);
84  registerUserObject(MethaneFluidProperties);
85  registerUserObject(Water97FluidProperties);
86  registerUserObject(CO2FluidProperties);
87  registerUserObject(NaClFluidProperties);
88  registerUserObject(BrineFluidProperties);
89  registerUserObject(SimpleFluidProperties);
90  registerUserObject(TabulatedFluidProperties);
91  registerUserObject(SodiumProperties);
92  registerAuxKernel(SpecificEnthalpyAux);
93  registerAuxKernel(StagnationPressureAux);
94  registerAuxKernel(StagnationTemperatureAux);
95 }
Class for fluid properties read from a file.
Computes specific enthalpy from pressure and temperature.
CO2 fluid properties Most thermophysical properties taken from: Span and Wagner, "A New Equation of S...
Computes fluid properties using (u, v) formulation.
Material for calculating fluid properties for a fluid comprised of two components: the solute (eg...
Brine (NaCl in H2O) fluid properties as a function of pressure (Pa), temperature (K) and NaCl mass fr...
Fluid properties of a simple, idealised fluid density=density0 * exp(P / bulk_modulus - thermal_expan...
Compute stagnation pressure from specific volume, specific internal energy, and velocity.
Ideal gas fluid properties for (pressure, temperature) variables.
Methane (CH4) fluid properties as a function of pressure (Pa) and temperature (K).
Stiffened gas fluid properties.
Properties of liquid sodium from ANL/RE-95/2 report "Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Sodium...
Computes fluid properties using (pressure, temperature) formulation.
Water (H2O) fluid properties as a function of pressure (Pa) and temperature (K) from IAPWS-IF97: Revi...
NaCl fluid properties as a function of pressure (Pa) and temperature (K).
Ideal gas fluid properties.
Compute stagnation temperature from specific volume, specific internal energy, and velocity...

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