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XFEMFuncs.h File Reference

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void Xfem::dunavant_rule2 (const Real *wts, const Real *a, const Real *b, const unsigned int *permutation_ids, unsigned int n_wts, std::vector< Point > &points, std::vector< Real > &weights)
void Xfem::stdQuadr2D (unsigned int nen, unsigned int iord, std::vector< std::vector< Real >> &sg2)
void Xfem::wissmannPoints (unsigned int nqp, std::vector< std::vector< Real >> &wss)
void Xfem::shapeFunc2D (unsigned int nen, std::vector< Real > &ss, std::vector< Point > &xl, std::vector< std::vector< Real >> &shp, Real &xsj, bool natl_flg)
double Xfem::r8vec_norm (int n, double a[])
void Xfem::r8vec_copy (int n, double a1[], double a2[])
bool Xfem::r8vec_eq (int n, double a1[], double a2[])
double Xfem::r8vec_dot_product (int n, double a1[], double a2[])
bool Xfem::line_exp_is_degenerate_nd (int dim_num, double p1[], double p2[])
int Xfem::plane_normal_line_exp_int_3d (double pp[3], double normal[3], double p1[3], double p2[3], double pint[3])
double Xfem::polyhedron_volume_3d (double coord[], int order_max, int face_num, int node[], int node_num, int order[])
void Xfem::i4vec_zero (int n, int a[])
void Xfem::normalizePoint (Point &p)
void Xfem::normalizePoint (EFAPoint &p)


static const double Xfem::tol = 1.0e-10