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VanDerWaalsFreeEnergy.h File Reference

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class  VanDerWaalsFreeEnergy
 Material class that provides the free energy of a Van der Waals gas with the expression builder and uses automatic differentiation to get the derivatives. More...


InputParameters validParams< VanDerWaalsFreeEnergy > ()

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InputParameters validParams< VanDerWaalsFreeEnergy > ( )

Definition at line 11 of file VanDerWaalsFreeEnergy.C.

12 {
13  InputParameters params = validParams<GasFreeEnergyBase>();
14  params.addClassDescription("Free energy of a Van der Waals gas.");
15  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("a",
16  "Van der Waals coeefficient a (default mass_unit_conversion "
17  "requires this to be in [eV*Ang^3])");
18  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("b",
19  "Van der Waals molecular exclusion volume b (default "
20  "mass_unit_conversion requires this to be in [Ang^3])");
21  params.addParam<Real>("log_tol",
22  0.1,
23  "The logarithm in the free energy is evaluated using a Taylor expansion "
24  "below this value. This allows formulating free energies for systems where "
25  "the molecular volume is smaller than the exclusion volume b.");
26  return params;
27 }
InputParameters validParams< GasFreeEnergyBase >()