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TwoPhaseStressMaterial.h File Reference

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class  TwoPhaseStressMaterial
 Construct a global strain from the phase strains in a manner that is consistent with the construction of the global elastic energy by DerivativeTwoPhaseMaterial. More...


InputParameters validParams< TwoPhaseStressMaterial > ()

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InputParameters validParams< TwoPhaseStressMaterial > ( )

Definition at line 13 of file TwoPhaseStressMaterial.C.

14 {
15  InputParameters params = validParams<Material>();
16  params.addClassDescription("Compute a global stress in a two phase model");
17  params.addParam<MaterialPropertyName>(
18  "h", "h", "Switching Function Material that provides h(eta)");
19  params.addRequiredParam<std::string>("base_A", "Base name for the Phase A strain.");
20  params.addRequiredParam<std::string>("base_B", "Base name for the Phase B strain.");
21  params.addParam<std::string>("base_name", "Base name for the computed global stress (optional).");
22  return params;
23 }