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TensorMechanicsPlasticIsotropicSD.h File Reference

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class  TensorMechanicsPlasticIsotropicSD
 IsotropicSD plasticity model from Yoon (2013) the name of the paper is "Asymmetric yield function based on the stress invariants for pressure sensitive metals" published 4th December 2013. More...


InputParameters validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticIsotropicSD > ()

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InputParameters validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticIsotropicSD > ( )

Definition at line 11 of file TensorMechanicsPlasticIsotropicSD.C.

Referenced by validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticOrthotropic >().

12 {
13  InputParameters params = validParams<TensorMechanicsPlasticJ2>();
14  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("b", "A constant to model the influence of pressure");
15  params.addParam<Real>(
16  "c", 0.0, "A constant to model the influence of strength differential effect");
17  params.addParam<bool>("associative", true, "Flag for flow-rule, true if not specified");
18  params.addClassDescription("IsotropicSD plasticity for pressure sensitive materials and also "
19  "models the strength differential effect");
20  return params;
21 }
InputParameters validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticJ2 >()