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TensorMechanicsPlasticDruckerPrager.h File Reference

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class  TensorMechanicsPlasticDruckerPrager
 Rate-independent non-associative Drucker Prager with hardening/softening. More...


InputParameters validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticDruckerPrager > ()

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InputParameters validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticDruckerPrager > ( )

Definition at line 12 of file TensorMechanicsPlasticDruckerPrager.C.

Referenced by validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticDruckerPragerHyperbolic >().

13 {
14  InputParameters params = validParams<TensorMechanicsPlasticModel>();
15  MooseEnum mc_interpolation_scheme("outer_tip=0 inner_tip=1 lode_zero=2 inner_edge=3 native=4",
16  "lode_zero");
17  params.addParam<MooseEnum>(
18  "mc_interpolation_scheme",
19  mc_interpolation_scheme,
20  "Scheme by which the Drucker-Prager cohesion, friction angle and dilation angle are set from "
21  "the Mohr-Coulomb parameters mc_cohesion, mc_friction_angle and mc_dilation_angle. Consider "
22  "the DP and MC yield surfaces on the devatoric (octahedral) plane. Outer_tip: the DP circle "
23  "touches the outer tips of the MC hex. Inner_tip: the DP circle touches the inner tips of "
24  "the MC hex. Lode_zero: the DP circle intersects the MC hex at lode angle=0. Inner_edge: "
25  "the DP circle is the largest circle that wholey fits inside the MC hex. Native: The DP "
26  "cohesion, friction angle and dilation angle are set equal to the mc_ parameters entered.");
27  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>(
28  "mc_cohesion",
29  "A TensorMechanicsHardening UserObject that defines hardening of the "
30  "Mohr-Coulomb cohesion. Physically this should not be negative.");
31  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>(
32  "mc_friction_angle",
33  "A TensorMechanicsHardening UserObject that defines hardening of the "
34  "Mohr-Coulomb friction angle (in radians). Physically this should be "
35  "between 0 and Pi/2.");
36  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>(
37  "mc_dilation_angle",
38  "A TensorMechanicsHardening UserObject that defines hardening of the "
39  "Mohr-Coulomb dilation angle (in radians). Usually the dilation angle "
40  "is not greater than the friction angle, and it is between 0 and Pi/2.");
41  params.addClassDescription(
42  "Non-associative Drucker Prager plasticity with no smoothing of the cone tip.");
43  return params;
44 }
InputParameters validParams< TensorMechanicsPlasticModel >()