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class  StickyBC
 Sticky-type boundary condition, where if the old variable value exceeds the bounds provided u is fixed (ala Dirichlet) to the old value. More...


InputParameters validParams< StickyBC > ()

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InputParameters validParams< StickyBC > ( )

Definition at line 20 of file StickyBC.C.

21 {
22  InputParameters p = validParams<NodalBC>();
23  p.addParam<Real>(
24  "min_value",
25  std::numeric_limits<Real>::lowest(),
26  "If the old variable value <= min_value, the variable is fixed at its old value");
27  p.addParam<Real>(
28  "max_value",
29  std::numeric_limits<Real>::max(),
30  "If the old variable value >= max_value, the variable is fixed at its old value");
31  p.addClassDescription(
32  "Imposes the boundary condition $u = u_{old}$ if $u_{old}$ exceeds the bounds provided");
33  return p;
34 }