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RichardsSeff1VGcut.h File Reference

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class  RichardsSeff1VGcut
 Effective saturation as a function of porepressure using the van Genuchten formula, but when p<p_cut use a linear instead, seff = a + b*p, which matches value and derivative at p=p_cut This is so seff=0 at a finite value of p rather than p=-infinity. More...


InputParameters validParams< RichardsSeff1VGcut > ()

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InputParameters validParams< RichardsSeff1VGcut > ( )

Definition at line 14 of file RichardsSeff1VGcut.C.

15 {
16  InputParameters params = validParams<RichardsSeff1VG>();
17  params.addRequiredRangeCheckedParam<Real>(
18  "p_cut",
19  "p_cut < 0",
20  "cutoff in pressure. Must be negative. If p>p_cut then use "
21  "van-Genuchten function. Otherwise use a linear relationship which is "
22  "chosen so the value and derivative match van-Genuchten at p=p_cut");
23  params.addClassDescription("cut van-Genuchten effective saturation as a function of capillary "
24  "pressure. Single-phase seff = (1 + (-al*p)^(1/(1-m)))^(-m) for "
25  "p>p_cut, otherwise user a a linear relationship that is chosen so "
26  "the value and derivative match van-Genuchten at p=p_cut.");
27  return params;
28 }
InputParameters validParams< RichardsSeff1VG >()