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RichardsDensityMethane20degC.h File Reference

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class  RichardsDensityMethane20degC
 Methane density - a quadratic fit to expressions in: "Results of (pressure, density, temperature) measurements on methane and on nitrogen in the temperature range from 273.15K to 323.15K at pressures up to 12MPa using new apparatus for accurate gas-density" This is only valid for p>=0, which is the physical region. More...


InputParameters validParams< RichardsDensityMethane20degC > ()

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InputParameters validParams< RichardsDensityMethane20degC > ( )

Definition at line 20 of file RichardsDensityMethane20degC.C.

21 {
22  InputParameters params = validParams<RichardsDensity>();
23  params.addParam<Real>(
24  "p_unit",
25  1,
26  "Set to 1 for pressure measured in Pascals. Set to 1E6 for pressure measured in MPa. Etc.");
27  params.addClassDescription("Methane density (kg/m^3) at 20degC. Pressure is assumed to be "
28  "measured in Pascals. NOTE: this expression is only valid to about "
29  "P=20MPa. Use van der Waals (RichardsDensityVDW) for higher "
30  "pressures.");
31  return params;
32 }
InputParameters validParams< RichardsDensity >()