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RadialReturnStressUpdate.h File Reference

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class  RadialReturnStressUpdate
 RadialReturnStressUpdate computes the radial return stress increment for an isotropic viscoplasticity plasticity model after interating on the difference between new and old trial stress increments. More...


InputParameters validParams< RadialReturnStressUpdate > ()

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InputParameters validParams< RadialReturnStressUpdate > ( )

Definition at line 14 of file RadialReturnStressUpdate.C.

Referenced by validParams< HyperbolicViscoplasticityStressUpdate >(), validParams< IsotropicPlasticityStressUpdate >(), and validParams< PowerLawCreepStressUpdate >().

15 {
16  InputParameters params = validParams<StressUpdateBase>();
17  params.addClassDescription("Calculates the effective inelastic strain increment required to "
18  "return the isotropic stress state to a J2 yield surface. This class "
19  "is intended to be a parent class for classes with specific "
20  "constitutive models.");
22  params.addParam<Real>("max_inelastic_increment",
23  1e-4,
24  "The maximum inelastic strain increment allowed in a time step");
25  return params;
26 }
InputParameters validParams< StressUpdateBase >()
InputParameters validParams< SingleVariableReturnMappingSolution >()