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InputParameters validParams< Q2PPiecewiseLinearSinkFlux > ()

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InputParameters validParams< Q2PPiecewiseLinearSinkFlux > ( )

Definition at line 15 of file Q2PPiecewiseLinearSinkFlux.C.

16 {
17  InputParameters params = validParams<SideIntegralPostprocessor>();
18  params.addParam<UserObjectName>(
19  "fluid_density",
20  "The fluid density as a RichardsDensity UserObject. If this and the "
21  "fluid_viscosity are given, then fluxes are multiplied by "
22  "(density*permeability_nn/viscosity), where the '_nn' indicates the "
23  "component normal to the boundary. In this case bare_flux is measured in "
24  "Pa.s^-1. This can be used in conjunction with fluid_relperm.");
25  params.addParam<Real>("fluid_viscosity", "The fluid dynamic viscosity.");
26  params.addParam<UserObjectName>(
27  "fluid_relperm",
28  "The fluid density as a RichardsRelPerm UserObject (eg RichardsRelPermPower "
29  "for water, or Q2PRelPermPostGas for gas). If this and the saturation "
30  "variable are defined then the flux will be motiplied by relative "
31  "permeability. This can be used in conjunction with fluid_density");
32  params.addCoupledVar("saturation", "The name of the water saturation variable");
33  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("porepressure", "The name of the porepressure variable");
34  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<Real>>(
35  "pressures", "Tuple of pressure values. Must be monotonically increasing.");
36  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<Real>>(
37  "bare_fluxes",
38  "Tuple of flux values (measured in kg.m^-2.s^-1 if not using fluid_density, "
39  "otherwise in Pa.s^-1). This flux is OUT of the medium: hence positive "
40  "values of flux means this will be a SINK, while negative values indicate "
41  "this flux will be a SOURCE. A piecewise-linear fit is performed to the "
42  "(pressure,bare_fluxes) pairs to obtain the flux at any arbitrary pressure, "
43  "and the first or last bare_flux values are used if the quad-point pressure "
44  "falls outside this range.");
45  params.addParam<FunctionName>("multiplying_fcn",
46  1.0,
47  "The flux will be multiplied by this spatially-and-temporally "
48  "varying function. This is useful if the boundary is a moving "
49  "boundary controlled by RichardsExcav.");
50  params.addClassDescription("Records the fluid flow into a sink (positive values indicate fluid "
51  "is flowing from porespace into the sink).");
52  return params;
53 }