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Pressure.h File Reference

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class  Pressure
 Pressure applies a pressure on a given boundary in the direction defined by component. More...


InputParameters validParams< Pressure > ()

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InputParameters validParams< Pressure > ( )

Definition at line 13 of file Pressure.C.

14 {
15  InputParameters params = validParams<IntegratedBC>();
16  params.addClassDescription("Applies a pressure on a given boundary in a given direction");
17  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>("component", "The component for the pressure");
18  params.addParam<Real>("factor", 1.0, "The magnitude to use in computing the pressure");
19  params.addParam<FunctionName>("function", "The function that describes the pressure");
20  params.addParam<PostprocessorName>("postprocessor",
21  "Postprocessor that will supply the pressure value");
22  params.addParam<Real>("alpha", 0.0, "alpha parameter required for HHT time integration scheme");
23  params.set<bool>("use_displaced_mesh") = true;
24  return params;
25 }