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PorousFlowPermeabilityExponential.h File Reference

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class  PorousFlowPermeabilityExponential
 Material designed to provide the permeability tensor which is calculated from porosity using the equation: permeability = k_ijk * k, with k = BB * exp(AA * phi) where k_ijk is a tensor providing the anisotropy, phi is porosity, and A and B are empirical constants. More...


InputParameters validParams< PorousFlowPermeabilityExponential > ()

Function Documentation

InputParameters validParams< PorousFlowPermeabilityExponential > ( )

Definition at line 12 of file PorousFlowPermeabilityExponential.C.

13 {
14  InputParameters params = validParams<PorousFlowPermeabilityBase>();
15  MooseEnum poroperm_function("log_k ln_k exp_k", "exp_k");
16  params.addParam<MooseEnum>("poroperm_function",
17  poroperm_function,
18  "Form of the function relating porosity and permeability. The options "
19  "are: log_k (log k = A phi + B); ln_k (ln k = A phi + B); exp_k (k = "
20  "B exp(A phi)); where k is permeability, phi is porosity, A and B are "
21  "empirical constants.");
22  params.addParam<RealTensorValue>("k_anisotropy",
23  "A tensor to multiply the calculated scalar "
24  "permeability, in order to obtain anisotropy if "
25  "required. Defaults to isotropic permeability "
26  "if not specified.");
27  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("A", "Empirical constant; see poroperm_function.");
28  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("B", "Empirical constant; see poroperm_function.");
29  params.addClassDescription(
30  "This Material calculates the permeability tensor from an exponential function of porosity: "
31  "k = k_ijk * BB exp(AA phi), where k_ijk is a tensor providing the anisotropy, phi is "
32  "porosity, and AA and BB are empirical constants. The user can provide input for the "
33  "function expressed in ln k, log k or exponential forms (see poroperm_function).");
34  return params;
35 }
InputParameters validParams< PorousFlowPermeabilityBase >()