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PorousFlowDispersiveFlux.h File Reference

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class  PorousFlowDispersiveFlux
 Dispersive flux of component k in fluid phase alpha. More...


InputParameters validParams< PorousFlowDispersiveFlux > ()

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InputParameters validParams< PorousFlowDispersiveFlux > ( )

Definition at line 15 of file PorousFlowDispersiveFlux.C.

16 {
17  InputParameters params = validParams<Kernel>();
18  params.addParam<unsigned int>(
19  "fluid_component", 0, "The index corresponding to the fluid component for this kernel");
20  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>(
21  "PorousFlowDictator", "The UserObject that holds the list of PorousFlow variable names");
22  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<Real>>(
23  "disp_long", "Vector of longitudinal dispersion coefficients for each phase");
24  params.addRequiredParam<std::vector<Real>>(
25  "disp_trans", "Vector of transverse dispersion coefficients for each phase");
26  params.addRequiredParam<RealVectorValue>("gravity",
27  "Gravitational acceleration vector downwards (m/s^2)");
28  params.addClassDescription(
29  "Dispersive and diffusive flux of the component given by fluid_component in all phases");
30  return params;
31 }