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PorousFlow1PhaseP.h File Reference

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class  PorousFlow1PhaseP
 Base material designed to calculate fluid phase porepressure and saturation for the single-phase situation assuming constant effective saturation and porepressure as the nonlinear variable. More...


InputParameters validParams< PorousFlow1PhaseP > ()

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InputParameters validParams< PorousFlow1PhaseP > ( )

Definition at line 13 of file PorousFlow1PhaseP.C.

Referenced by validParams< PorousFlow1PhaseP_BW >(), and validParams< PorousFlow1PhaseP_VG >().

14 {
15  InputParameters params = validParams<PorousFlowVariableBase>();
16  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("porepressure",
17  "Variable that represents the porepressure of the single phase");
18  params.addParam<UserObjectName>("capillary_pressure",
19  "Name of the UserObject defining the capillary pressure");
20  params.addClassDescription("This Material is used for the fully saturated single-phase situation "
21  "where porepressure is the primary variable");
22  return params;
23 }
InputParameters validParams< PorousFlowVariableBase >()