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PorousFlow1PhaseMD_Gaussian.h File Reference

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class  PorousFlow1PhaseMD_Gaussian
 Material designed to calculate fluid-phase porepressure and saturation for the single-phase situation, assuming a Gaussian capillary suction function and assuming the independent variable is log(mass density) and assuming the fluid has a constant bulk modulus. More...


InputParameters validParams< PorousFlow1PhaseMD_Gaussian > ()

Function Documentation

InputParameters validParams< PorousFlow1PhaseMD_Gaussian > ( )

Definition at line 12 of file PorousFlow1PhaseMD_Gaussian.C.

13 {
14  InputParameters params = validParams<PorousFlowVariableBase>();
15  params.addRequiredCoupledVar("mass_density",
16  "Variable that represents log(mass-density) of the single phase");
17  params.addRequiredRangeCheckedParam<Real>(
18  "al",
19  "al>0",
20  "For this class, the capillary function is assumed to be saturation = "
21  "exp(-(al*porepressure)^2) for porepressure<0.");
22  params.addRequiredRangeCheckedParam<Real>(
23  "density_P0", "density_P0>0", "The density of the fluid phase at zero porepressure");
24  params.addRequiredRangeCheckedParam<Real>(
25  "bulk_modulus", "bulk_modulus>0", "The constant bulk modulus of the fluid phase");
26  params.addClassDescription("This Material is used for the single-phase situation where "
27  "log(mass-density) is the primary variable. calculates the 1 "
28  "porepressure and the 1 saturation in a 1-phase isothermal situation, "
29  "and derivatives of these with respect to the PorousFlowVariables. A "
30  "gaussian capillary function is assumed");
31  return params;
32 }
InputParameters validParams< PorousFlowVariableBase >()