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PolycrystalStoredEnergyAction.h File Reference

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class  PolycrystalStoredEnergyAction
 Action that sets up ACSEDGPoly Kernels that adds the stored energy contribution to grain growth models. More...


InputParameters validParams< PolycrystalStoredEnergyAction > ()

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InputParameters validParams< PolycrystalStoredEnergyAction > ( )

Definition at line 14 of file PolycrystalStoredEnergyAction.C.

15 {
16  InputParameters params = validParams<Action>();
17  params.addClassDescription("Action that adds the contribution of stored energy associated with "
18  "dislocations to grain growth models");
19  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>("op_num",
20  "specifies the total number of OPs representing "
21  "all grains (deformed + undeformed "
22  "(recrystallized)) to create");
23  params.addRequiredParam<std::string>("var_name_base", "specifies the base name of the variables");
24  params.addParam<VariableName>("c", "Name of coupled concentration variable");
25  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>("deformed_grain_num",
26  "specifies the number of deformed grains to create");
27  params.addParam<VariableName>("T", "Name of temperature variable");
28  params.addParam<bool>(
29  "use_displaced_mesh", false, "Whether to use displaced mesh in the kernels");
30  params.addRequiredParam<UserObjectName>("grain_tracker",
31  "The GrainTracker UserObject to get values from.");
32  return params;
33 }