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PolycrystalElasticDrivingForceAction.h File Reference

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class  PolycrystalElasticDrivingForceAction
 Action that adds the elastic driving force for each order parameter. More...


InputParameters validParams< PolycrystalElasticDrivingForceAction > ()

Function Documentation

InputParameters validParams< PolycrystalElasticDrivingForceAction > ( )

Definition at line 15 of file PolycrystalElasticDrivingForceAction.C.

16 {
17  InputParameters params = validParams<Action>();
18  params.addClassDescription(
19  "Action that addes the elastic driving force for each order parameter");
20  params.addRequiredParam<unsigned int>("op_num", "specifies the number of grains to create");
21  params.addRequiredParam<std::string>("var_name_base", "specifies the base name of the variables");
22  params.addParam<bool>(
23  "use_displaced_mesh", false, "Whether to use displaced mesh in the kernels");
24  params.addParam<std::string>("base_name",
25  "Optional parameter that allows the user to define "
26  "multiple mechanics material systems on the same "
27  "block, i.e. for multiple phases");
28  return params;
29 }