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NSWeakStagnationBaseBC.h File Reference

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class  NSWeakStagnationBaseBC
 This is the base class for "weakly-imposed" stagnation boundary conditions, that is the relevant boundary integrals are evaluated based on valued implied by fixed stagnation temperature and pressure values and specified flow direction (but not magnitude). More...


InputParameters validParams< NSWeakStagnationBaseBC > ()

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InputParameters validParams< NSWeakStagnationBaseBC > ( )

Definition at line 15 of file NSWeakStagnationBaseBC.C.

Referenced by validParams< NSEnergyWeakStagnationBC >(), validParams< NSMassWeakStagnationBC >(), validParams< NSMomentumConvectiveWeakStagnationBC >(), and validParams< NSMomentumPressureWeakStagnationBC >().

16 {
17  InputParameters params = validParams<NSIntegratedBC>();
18  params.addClassDescription(
19  "This is the base class for 'weakly-imposed' stagnation boundary conditions.");
20  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("stagnation_pressure", "The specifed stagnation pressure");
21  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("stagnation_temperature", "The specifed stagnation temperature");
22  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("sx", "x-component of specifed flow direction");
23  params.addRequiredParam<Real>("sy", "y-component of specifed flow direction");
24  params.addParam<Real>("sz", 0.0, "z-component of specifed flow direction"); // only required in 3D
25  return params;
26 }
InputParameters validParams< NSIntegratedBC >()